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About text: Jonas Mačiulis - Maironis - Pavasario balsai (Voices of Spring)

"Voices of Spring" were published in 1895 for the first time. The collection of poems had reflected the past, everyday life and heroism of fights for freedom, emotions of love to the homeland, sensations of the nature's beauty, pride in the native language. It had followed and stylised the folk art. Maironis had followed classical forms of poetry and metrics. The artistic expression of his poems is easily understood, clear, precise, it often approaches the poetical simplicity and transparency of folk songs. Maironis had expressed important ideas of national renaissance by using impressive poetic images and sensitive poetical means, he had awakened the enthusiasm to fight and hope of rebirth, he had raised the level of Lithuanian poetry to the highest standards of perfection. The creative work of Maironis is a clear division between the old and new Lithuanian poetry, it is widely studied and interpreted. The works by Maironis are often republished in books and different publications of other kinds.