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Author : Vincas Ramonas

Vincas Ramonas (Ramanauskas) was born on January 14 in 1905 in the village of Trakiškės in Marijampolė district. In 1924 he finished a gymnasium named after Rygiškių Jonas in Marijampolė. In 1924-1928 V.Ramonas studied Lithuanian and German language and literature, as well as pedagogy, at Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University. His career of writer began in 1924-1928. At that period his stories were published in periodicals.

In 1926 V.Ramonas became a teacher at the Marijampolė classical gymnasium established by Marian monks order. In 1938-1943 he taught Lithuanian language at the Marijampolė teachers seminary, in 1944 - at the Marijampolė girls gymnasium.

In 1944 V.Ramonas retreated to Germany. In 1945-1946 he lived in Uchte, where taught at the Lithuanian gymnasium in the camp of deported persons. In 1948-1950 he went to Australia. There he worked in the service of forest survey. In 1950 he arrived to the USA and settled in Chicago, where died in 1985.

Though V.Ramonas wrote not many works - only two novels and two collections of stories - he emerged as one of the leading prose masters in Lithuanian emigrant literature.

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