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About text: Janina Degutytė - Artumas (Proximity)

"Proximity" is a condensation of lyrics about nature. The nature to J.Degutytė, as well as to S. Nėris, is not just a main source of images, but the eternal being whose limits can not be perceptible, and the great beauty that is only reflected, and by no means created, by the soul of artist. Also it is a source of life to be preserved, that the technology of civilization threatens to annihilate. J.Degutytė is the first author since S.Nėris who perceived the nature standing above the personal existence, full of enigma of the infinite, that can be guessed by the poetical vision only. The poetess establishes her dialogue with the nature on the basis of national outlook, sometimes she stylistically interprets the folk songs and laments; by poeticizing the national attributes of the country; by creating emblematic images of Lithuania. She granted to the miniature verse on nature a global significance and the aura of national values.