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Author : Jurgis Savickis

Pseudonym: J. Rimošius

Jurgis Savickis was born on May 2, 1890, in Pagausantis estate of Ariogala community, Raseiniai district. He went to Ariogala primary school, then to Kaunas gymnasium. In 1911-1914 J. Savickis studied law in Moscow University. J.Savickis began to publish his works in 1910 in periodicals Lietuvos Žinios (The News of Lithuania), Aušrinė (The Morning Star), Laisva mintis (The Free Thought). During the World War I he lived in Russia, worked in the Committee of Relief to the Victims of War. In 1915 J.Savickis went to Denmark, and cared for the war prisoners in Germany. After declaration of independence of Lithuania he was appointed an official representative of Lithuania to Denmark, and since 1922 - in Norway also. After the embassy in Denmark was revoked, J. Savickis served as a diplomat in Finland till 1927.

In 1927-1930 J.Savickis was an officer of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. In 1928-1929 he was a managing director of Kaunas State Theater. In 1930-1937 J. Savickis returned to the diplomatic service in Scandinavia again. In 1937 he was moved to Riga, in 1938 - appointed as a permanent ambassador of Lithuania to the League of Nations in Geneva. In 1940 he was dismissed and returned to Kaunas with a hope oh new appointment. After the hope vanished, J.Savickis went to France and settled in a Roquebrun village.

J.Savickis died on December 22, 1952, in Hermitage near Monte Carlo; he is buried in Roquebrun cemetery.

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