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Author : Bronius Radzevičius

Bronius Radzevičius is one of the most prominent Lithuanian prose writers of the eighth decade, a writer of immense talent. He was born on December 24, 1940. The writer spent his childhood in Vyžuonų village of Utena district. His mother died when he was a child, and father - when he was eighteen. After becoming an orphan, he spent two years in the boarding-school. In 1960 he finished secondary school. Because of strenuous financial situation in an abundant family of his step-mother, B.Radzevičius worked in factories for some time, and acquired qualifications of a lathe operator. Later he entered Vilnius University, where studied Lithuanian language and literature. After graduating from University in 1968, for one year he was a teacher, and later worked as an editor. But the office work was only a toiling burden for him, a necessity to make his living, that stole the time of a creative work. B.Radzevičius took his creative work very seriously. He wrote at the expense of his heart and of his life.

B.Radzevičius belongs to the generation that was born in the tragic year for Lithuanian historical fate of 1940 and matured in the conditions of the so called socialism. Cruelty, alienation, absurdly destroyed traditional ways of life were the first and strongest impressions that penetrated the awakening consciousness of a child. The sentiment of a rejected orphan, the craving for kindness, the hurting solitude formed a sealed personality inclined towards self-analysis. The epoch of political, cultural, and spiritual stupor had an oppressive effect on B.Radzevičius. In an inhuman, showy and soulless society of apathy B.Radzevičius with his cry of pain was neither recognized, nor popular. In order to defend the autonomy of a person's soul and a freedom of a creator, the writer lived a silent and confined life.

The writer canceled his life on October 10, 1980, in Vilnius; he is buried at Vyžuonos.

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