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Author : Antanas Baranauskas

Variant forms of name: Baranowski, Baranauskis, Baronas. Pseudonyms: A.B., Bangputys, Jurksztas Smalaūsis, Jurkštas Smalaūsis.

Antanas Baranauskas is the most prominent Lithuanian poet of the feudalism epoch's end. He was born in Anykščiai to a numerous family of "royal" (i.e. free) peasants on January 17, 1789.

In the years 1845-1848 he attended the parochial school in Anykščiai. In 1848-1849 A.Baranauskas served at the Gelvonai parsonage. In 1851-1853 he attended the district clerk's school in Rumšiškės. After graduating from the school A. Baranauskas had served at district offices in Vainutas, Raseiniai, Seda, Skuodas. In 1856 he entered the Varniai Clerical Seminary. While studying there (1856-1858) the poet had written his best poetic works, among them a poem "The forest of Anykščiai".

Authorities of the Catholic Church had sent A. Baranauskas to study at St. Petersburg Clerical Academy (1858-1862) from which he had graduated with a master of theology degree and had obtained the grant for studies abroad. In the years 1863-1864 he continued studies at Catholic universities in Munich, Rome, Innsbruck and Luvain. In 1865 he was a professor at St. Petersburg Clerical Academy. In the same year A. Baranauskas was appointed to the post of vicar at Kaunas cathedral. Since 1867 he was a professor, later - an inspector at Kaunas Clerical Seminary. At that time A. Baranauskas became interested in Lithuanian linguistics. He studied and described Lithuanian dialects, was arranging the grammar of Lithuanian language. Some of his philological works were important for the science of Lithuanian language.

After becoming deputy bishop of Samogitia (1884) and later - bishop of Seinai (1897) A. Baranauskas shifted his interests to mathematics. His mathematical works were of no scientific importance.

Approaching his old age, A. Baranauskas turned back to the Lithuanian literature. After writing few religious songs, in the last years of his life he began to translate the Bible into Lithuanian language, but managed to do just a part of this job.

A. Baranauskas died on November 26, 1902 in Seinai, where he was buried.

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