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About text: Vincas Krėvė - Šiaudinėj pastogėj (Under the Straw Roof)

The collection by V.Krėvė "Under the Straw Roof" consists of 13 short stories in which the writer has described the village in Dzūkija (a region in Lithuania) of his young days. The stories are founded on insignificant everyday life material, however, they enchant by extreme reality of description, psychological depth, precision of details, and the personages become alive. The artistic images of these stories reveal and generalise some spiritual characteristics of a human being. V.Krėvė in the collection "Under the Straw Roof" has highlighted the spiritual beauty of a simple villager, emphasised his relation to nature, poeticised the worldview of a natural uncivilised man, looked for original features of Lithuanian "national character". In many of these stories romantic treatment of the topic is interwoven with realistic description of psychology and way of life.