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About text: Jonas Biliūnas - Liūdna pasaka (A Sad Tale)

The best short stories, a story and a poem-testament by J.Biliūnas are presented in a collection of works "A Sad Tale".

J.Biliūnas has combined in his works the romanticism of social changes characteristic to the beginning of the 20th century, the ethical sensitivity full of tragic insights, elegiac understanding of disappearing time and fragility of being. He looked for artistic support in reflection, confessions of the story teller, doubts, visions, dreams, and moments of sorrow. Soft humane simplicity, tenderness, and inner intelligence emanate from his images and intimate intonations. The whole wavering sense of being and drifting time wake up nostalgia, sensitivity to happenings of life and help to look up over the everyday events, to think of the aim and essence of life.

The best works of J.Biliūnas reveal his gift to see the world with sensitivity and peaceful wisdom. We can feel the spirit of a human being of the 20th century inspired by the hopes of social progress and frozen by the threat of violence, testing carefully ideals and reality, looking for reality in himself, craving to renew his inner world, defending subtlety of his soul as the most precious humanistic value.