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About text: Adomas Mickevičius - Lietuviškų dainų fragmentai (Fragments of the Lithuanian Songs)

During his stay in Paris, A.Mickevičius in the evenings played chess, and sang Polish and Lithuanian songs with his friend Liudmilew Korylski (supposedly his real name was Liudvikas Kobeckis, born in Telšiai). Once (that happened in apartment in Batignol rue de la Santé in 1851 or 1852) A.Mickevičius interrupted singing and noticed, that in Lithuanian they sang incorrectly. He took a sheet of paper and wrote down a correct version. A.Mickevičius's daughter Marja Górecka preserved the sheet with autograph, and her son Wladyslaw published it for the first time in 1908. The sheet contains fragments of three Lithuanian songs, and it is the only known autograph of A.Mickevičius in Lithuanian. Various (mostly linguistic) investigations of the autograph proved that Lithuanian language was not alien to A.Mickevičius - he understood what he was singing and what he wrote down.