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About text: Adomas Mickevičius - Apie Donelaitį ir Rėzą (About Donelaitis and Rėza)

In 1823 the first edition of second volume of "Poetry" by A.Mickevičius was printed in Vilnius. His poem "Gražina" was published there for the first time. In the poem, describing the battles of Lithuanians against crusaders, A.Mickevičius used a Lithuanian proverb "stupid as a German" and specified the sources, from which the proverb was taken, in a footnote. Besides the historical work of A.Kotzebue and dictionary of S.B Linde, A.Mickevičius made reference to L.Rėza's edition of "The Seasons" by K.Donelaitis, published in Königsberg in 1818. He speaks highly of L.Rėza's works and especially praises the poem of K.Donelaitis, its content and expression. Since "The Seasons" was published in two parallel languages - German and Lithuanian - and A.Mickevičius did not know Lithuanian sufficiently well, thus most probably he was reading a German translation.