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Author : Antanas Vaičiulaitis

The pseudonym: Aug. Raginis.

A.Vaičiulaitis was born on June 23, 1906 in the village of Didieji Šelviai near Vilkaviškis. He attended the primary school at Vilkaviškis. In the years 1919-1927 he studied at Vilkaviškis "Žiburys" gymnasium. In 1925 in the magazine "Krivulė" A.Vaičiulaitis published his first verses. In 1927 he entered Lithuanian University in Kaunas where studied Lithuanian and French languages and literature. After graduation from University, for a short period he was a teacher at Kaunas Jesuit gymnasium. In 1935-1938 he continued post-graduate studies at Grenoble University and Sorbonne. After coming back to Kaunas, in 1938-1940 A.Vaičiulaitis worked at the Lithuanian news agency Elta and lectured modern Lithuanian literature at University, in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, at the same time he expanded his knowledge by frequent travels to the countries of Europe. In 1940 A.Vaičiulaitis joined Lithuanian diplomatic service and began to work at the Lithuanian embassy in Rome. After some time he had to emigrate to the United States of America. In 1941-1945 he taught Lithuanian at the college of Marianapolis. In 1943 he joined the US Armed Forces, but soon for the reasons of health was transferred to the reserve. In 1945-1947 he was an editor of "Amerika" magazine; in 1947-1951 lectured French language at Scranton University. In 1951 A.Vaičiulaitis joined the United States Information Agency where he began to work at the Lithuanian Department of "The Voice of America", and moved to Washington.

A.Vaičiulaitis died in 1992.

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